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 Thanks for stopping by ! There's lots to talk about for upcoming events and releases.

New tune out now with very special guest Redd Volkaert called "Swang Thang". It's a fun swing tune written by Matthew Lee in the style of Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West. Look for another tune coming out soon as well !

I have a brand NEW course out with called HonkyTonky Explorer. In this new course I'll go through all the techniques you need to know on country guitar. Everything from traditional to modern grooves and techniques is covered as well as how to approach each style from a soloist perspective. 

I'm very proud to announce the release of my new book "Nashville Hot Picking'" . Over 113 Licks and ideas as well as  Seven hand crafted solos by yours truly. Included with the book is over 2.5 hours of video lessons.  If your into country guitar and want to dive deeper into the technique and concepts of country guitar I promise this won't disappoint. Available on Amazon or click here to purchase:

 To compliment the Honky Tonk Masterclass course I have also released a course specifically geared towards how to practice and add licks to your country guitar lick database. In this second course entitled
"Practice Sessions" we drill 
licks over a specific feel and chord and play them together and then in a call and response fashion. I will also show you how add variations to spice up your playing and add variety to your lick vocabulary. 

"Matthew Lee's Nashville Hot Picken" has been up for over a year on and currently has over 300 video lessons on the channel.  Topics covered and taught range from hybrid picking, double stops, pedal steel bends, improvisation over western swing, slide guitar and many more. There is FREE content as well as for pay courses. Other premium content with extras like backing tracks and handwritten guitar tab accompanies the video lessons to show you how to get that "Nashville" kind of sound and technique. Below is a direct link to the channel as well as my newest DEMO video showcasing a custom built solo for my subscribed students . Keep in mind you get a video lesson about each concept covered with tab and backing tracks for $7.99 a month!
NOT a bad deal at all !

If your into chicken picking, double stops,  twang for days unique telecaster playing, you should check this tune out 
written by myself and Chuck Ward. Lots of twin guitar parts and tons of time for solos on this one.Hope you dig it !

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