Thanks for stopping by ! There's lots to talk about for upcoming events and releases.
2020 has not been a kind year to musicians and many other people across the entire world. During the 90 day lockdown here in Nashville I tried to make the best out of it uploading several new arrangements and lesson to my Youtube channel. Here is a new original instrumental tune I wrote featuring myself and Justin Branum on fiddle entitled "Quaran Twang". 
The recently release tune in January this year titled "Minor Incident" is out now. Available on Youtube for FREE, this is a slight departure from the telecaster chicken picking that you may know me for. I used strat-based influences from Niles Rodgers, Cory Wong and even some George Benson to create this funky and fun instrumental. Please check it out and subscribe to my Youtube channel for content ranging from live performance to original music and even FREE guitar lessons. Click here to watch the full video.
I've recently completed a book for the music publishing giant Hal Leonard . This book will cover all the
honky-tonk styles you hear in my playing and will be accompanied by video lessons. I'm very excited about this opportunity and look for the final product to be out for purchase in Fall 2020. and I are working together on a video course featuring 10 solos written and taught by me in March, 2020. Look for the final product of all new ideas and concepts to creative soloing to come out in late spring 2020. 
My New course on Soloing Concepts over "Working Man Blues" is  out NOW at It is  my third online instructional package I've done for them. I custom crafted some cool ways to rethink playing a country solo over 2 passes on the solo section. Video lessons, tab and backing tracks included! Check out my FREE Lick Promotional Video on this page.
New "Matthew Lee " trucker hats are in as well! They are a custom design with my new logo and fit really well. If your interested in supporting me with a purchase, they are $30 plus shipping. All profits go to the costs of the next tune I'll be recording in the studio. You can contact me at matthewalanlee1976@gmail if interested.
"Matthew Lee's Nashville Hot Picken" has been up for over a year on and currently has over 200 video lessons on the channel.  Topics covered and taught range from hybrid picking, double stops, pedal steel bends, improvisation over western swing, slide guitar and many more. There is FREE content as well as for pay courses. Other premium content with extras like backing tracks and handwritten guitar tab accompanies the video lessons to show you how to get that "Nashville" kind of sound and technique. Below is a direct link to the channel as well as my newest DEMO video showcasing a custom built solo for my subscribed students . Keep in mind you get a video lesson about each concept covered with tab and backing tracks for $7.99 a month!
NOT a bad deal at all !